Led by Tom Chapman and Levi Cermak, the Maverick Venture Fund invests seed capital into startups, especially those founded by UNO students and alumni. Throughout his career, Tom Chapman has helped hundreds of early-stage companies grow and secure venture capital funding. He has worked on product validation in healthcare, software, government, e-commerce and other fields. Tom is especially helpful to startups by finding customers throughout a variety of sectors and had introduced hundreds of people to potential clients.

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The Secret of Success

The Maverick Venture Fund provides experience and opportunities for students that extend beyond campus into the greater Omaha community and across the state.


Semester Breakdown

Open to graduate and undergraduate students of any major. One credit hour per semester (3 semesters maximum) is available, but not required, for students who wish to receive it. Credits count towards business administration (BSAD) entrepreneurship (ENTR) or finance (FNBK). Please speak with your degree advisor for more information. 


BSAD 8776/ENTR 4770

The class reads and discusses Venture Deals, Third Edition, by Brad Feld & Jason Mendelson, while receiving mentoring from the previous cohort. Students will sit in on pitches from entrepreneurs and observe experienced MVF students make investments.


BSAD 8786/ENTR 4780

With the help of MVF mentors and Tom, students will network in the community to identify entrepreneurs that will come pitch their business to the group. Students are assigned entrepreneurs to act as liaisons for the MVF and guide them through the process. The MVF conducts research and performs due diligence to determine what companies to invest in and for how much.


BSAD 8796/ENTR 4790

During the final semester, the cohort will continue to work with entrepreneurs and make investments. This semester, the fund focuses on helping companies scale and grow, while mentoring the new MVF cohort.

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